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    Brutuson 9th October 2015 · -1, -1· escort reviews
    In calls waterville are - -1 t escort reviews
    Zoe1221on 15th September 2015 · -1, -1· escort reviews
    I saw Karina about 1 we - -1 t escort reviews
    I saw Karina about 1 week ago. I had been seeing her BP ads over the past year or more but had never had success getting in touch with her. Finally I got a call back. She was available and was flexible enough for me to work a time in around a business meeting that I could not predict when it would finish. 2 call system, I called her from the parking lot of her neat and somewhat upscale hotel. There was a mix-up in the room numbers she gave me but when I called her back after knocking on the door of a guy with a big mustache (I told him he didn't look anything like her pictures) she apologized and gave me the correct room. She opened the door and she was definitely the girl in the BP ad pictures. We had a laugh over the room number mistake, she directed me to the bathroom to leave the donation, as stated in her ad. Her body is trim, neat and firm, nice perky boobs and definitely not bad for a woman of her age (I happen to like MILF types better than younger women who are often distracted, rude, indifferent or mis-representing themselves with fake pics). Our session was sensual, gratifying, fairly creative (next time - and there will be a next time, for sure) I will see if we can do a bit more exploring of fun antics and techniques. She has a great personality, is a good conversationalist and seemed genuinely interested in making sure I had a good time. She is not a clock watcher and did not try to shoo me out when our time ran almost twice as long as we had originally agree. Definitely worth the time and donation. I will see her again, soon, I hope.


    Anonymouson 11th September 2015 · -1, -1· escort reviews

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